and other exotic locations

Painting in Europe

Drastic times call for drastic changes.

Due to the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and resultant travel restrictions, to ensure safety for all concerned, our entire 2021 programme has been cancelled

Looking forward to brighter times on the horizon, plans for 2022 are in preparation now, so please look back freqently for the latest information.

If you would like the most up to the minute details of planned courses, please visit the contact page to email us or find our phone number.

Looking forward to next year? We certainly are!

Niche escorted painting courses, with the best tutors staying in boutique hotels in glorious locations.

The locations are still as beautiful as ever, and the course tutors are still the talented painters and great communicators they always were. In 2022, you will find our calendar once again packed with art courses offering great tuition as well as a luxury holiday for painters and non painting partners.

We hope that artists everywhere are still bristling with the enthusiasm that has characterised every group joining us in the past. There is something very special in such a gathering, all intent on seeing and interpreting the beauty of our carefully chosen locations. There is always lively discussion in the evenings between like-minded individuals, over the results of their day's efforts, and everyone can learn something from their peers as well as the tutors leading the course.

We hope to be joining art enthusiasts from all styles and all walks of life in the coming year when travel is once again on the agenda.